COVID-19 Testing Blitz Results

All employees were asked to line up and receive a swab to the nose as we tested for Covid on July 29. Our new friends from the Department of Human Services/COVID Response and Recovery Unit helped us put it all together. Staff from every department had a part in making the system run smooth. Names and birthdates had to be gathered. The contracted lab had to prepare to receive the samples all at once. Letters with detailed instruction were received with lots of verbal and written instructions and dozens of questions were asked and answered in preparation.  At the end of the day, all of our health services residents were offered the test and 175 staff came through the line and received their test.

We are so proud! Everyone responded with bravery, patience and grace! Coworkers took on leadership to learn to administer tests, organize paperwork, contact staff, and set up systems to make this first ever testing program a big success.

The testing process is a big part of what will help us stay virus free into the future. Beginning this fall, we all will be tested each month. A fourth of us tested each week. If and when we have a positive case on campus, we all will need to be tested within 72 hours. This process will give us a powerful way to isolate the virus and keep the community safe.

We are grateful for our community and how we come together when times are hard. We support each other. We bring our considerable talents and skills together to benefit each other, no matter what is going on in the world.