COVID-19 Update – 11/20/2020

Last Friday we let the Friendsview community know that a hospice nurse had tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after working directly with a Friendsview resident. We are pleased to let you know that the resident has tested negative for COVID-19, as have all health services residents who were also subsequently tested.

Due to Yamhill County’s rising COVID-19 test positivity rate, Friendsview and facilities like ours, have had to transition from monthly to weekly mandatory staff COVID-19 testing. In the course of this “serial testing” a Friendsview staff member tested positive for COVID-19. The individual is not symptomatic and is recovering in isolation at home. The person was careful about wearing their PPE (mask, faceshield, gloves) and maintaining social distance while performing their duties. They have been interviewed and no extraordinarily risky behaviors, either on or off campus, have been identified. Please keep them in your prayers for continued health and well-being.

As a result of this new potential exposure Friendsview has asked a limited number of Independent Residents to self-isolate and minimize contact with others as much as possible through Thursday, November 26th. They are also monitoring themselves for signs and symptoms and have been instructed to contact their physician immediately at the first sign of any illness.

All staff and health services residents were re-tested on Wednesday, November 18, and the results of those tests are pending at the writing of this memo.


The following updates pertain to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday:

Last week, we announced plans for in person dining options for the upcoming Thanksgiving meal. Unfortunately, these plans have been cancelled due to the recent mandates from our Governor. In addition to this, all communal dining will be discontinued until December 2nd

Two weeks ago we announced that, in keeping with our high regard for community, Friendsview was taking steps to provide safe and controlled indoor visitation for health services residents founded on risk-based criteria provided by the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS). Visitation continues to be temporarily suspended, pending COVID-19 testing and health monitoring. Visitation to independent-living neighborhoods is also suspended.
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) delivered a Provider Alert to facilities such as Friendsview this week stating that they “recommend against residents leaving” the facility during this public health emergency. The memo went on to state that, “with the potential for a safe and effective vaccine on the immediate horizon, extra precautions now are essential to protect [residents] until a vaccine becomes available.” Residents are encouraged to “stay connected with loved ones through alternative means of communication such as phone and video communication.”
Friendsview has developed a tool called the resident outing questionnaire, to help those who have attended a gathering or traveled determine the risk level of the event and if they should follow any additional precautions. If enhanced monitoring is suggested, Friendsview will offer to assist with groceries and other necessities. We thank our residents for their participation in this process!