COVID-19 Update 12/18/2020

As new COVID-19 cases and deaths related to the virus continue to rise in the United States, many hospitals are nearing, or at, capacity to provide care. At Friendsview, the community feels fortunate to have not had any deaths and only two residents have tested positive with minimal symptoms since March.

The community continues to test all staff and health services residents weekly. Also, there is a new lab that is producing a much faster turnaround for results which is helping with our care protocols.

Tests from the week of December 6th have come back and all were negative. The community tested again on December 16th with results still pending. Please remember that with every positive result, the executive order from the state health officials is extended 14 days. The executive order along with the high Yamhill County infection rate has severely limited Friendsview’s ability to allow activities and visits. Thank you for understanding.

Visitation Opportunities and Updates

Indoor visitation continues to be temporarily suspended while Yamhill County is at an extreme risk level. Friendsview now has two designated visitation spaces available for outside/window visits.

  • The fireside room/window in the main lobby will be available for window visits using an intercom system to communicate for all residents outside the health care center.
  • For residents in the health center, a special visitation space under the health center garden gazebo has been set up with a heater and safety barrier.
  • There is a limit to one visit a day up to 90 minutes long with a maximum of 2 people from the same household. This is to allow as many residents as possible the opportunity for a visit in this busy holiday season.

The community is taking steps to remove the rope barriers on the campus to encourage window visits for residents with rooms on ground levels. Residents are welcome to have a window visit with loved ones and are required to maintain social distancing.

The residents and team members wish everyone a Merry Christmas and blessings for a Happy New Year in 2021.