COVID-19 Update 4/10/2020

Since our last COVID-19 update we have good news to report – there are no new confirmed cases here at Friendsview. The resident who previously tested positive appears to be recovering well. Another resident is isolated with symptoms as we wait for test results.

While isolation protocols are still in place, Friendsview staff and residents have truly pulled together to support one another during this difficult period. Residents thank staff from a distance by placing signs in their windows; many of our talented seamstresses have sewn face masks; various departments have launched virtual programs and activities to keep residents engaged and connected; and dining services continues to provide delicious meals and groceries for both residents and staff.

As we’ve encouraged residents to stay at home, be diligent about regular handwashing and social distancing, our sense of community has remained. This uncertain time just reaffirms what we already believe: we’re in this together!