COVID-19 Update 8/31/2020

Friendsview continues to have no known cases of COVID-19. Since the broad testing day in late July of all staff and health services residents, we have continued to receive the occasional tests per individual primary care physicians’ recommendations. The reasons are varied, pre-surgery, potential exposure to another, development of a cough or fever, for example, but none have revealed a positive case.

Well done Friendsview residents and staff! You have sacrificed much over the last six months for this achievement. Even with all the sacrifices it’s great to see how we’ve remained connected as a community through zoom and virtual programs, scheduled neighborhood meals with proper distancing, new exercise programs in small groups and so much more. As we head into Autumn, we look forward to virtual events planned by the Education Committee and Special Events Committee such as guest speakers on zoom and the Annual Silent Auction to benefit the Residents’ Assistance Fund.

Experts anticipate that cases of COVID-19 will rise in the fall when activities move indoors. We are encouraging everyone in our community to speak with family members and loved ones to help lower the risk of exposure. While we look forward to the changing colors and crisp air of Autumn, our number one priority remains keeping our community safe. It is everyone working together that makes this possible and what continues to make our community so amazing.