From your editor, Bonnie Sloat . . .

I certainly enjoyed introducing myself and my husband, Dale, in our first issue last August! We were pictured in our home on Cherry Street, where we enjoyed our front-row seats as University Village grew from the ground up and now moves toward completion. It will soon get its final touches and be ready to go public!

I’ve thought of various subjects we could talk about this visit. However, as we come into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season I’m drawn toward the topic of gift giving. Some folks just seem to have a knack for choosing the perfect gift. Alas, I seldom fit into that category.

Once Dale and I added our names to the intent list, I resolved to become more thoughtful with our gift giving. I realized downsizing would be a lot more fun if we gifted some “treasures” to friends and family. Of course I’ve read many articles about how our children and friends don’t want our stuff, so we have been very, very careful to make sure they receive desired items that would be treasured.

This is a win/win for you as well as friends and family: it simplifies your shopping, helps you downsize, and at the same time your friends and family have something from you they will enjoy!

It has gone very well for us. This Christmas, even though we now live at Friendsview, we are thinking of ways to “gift” others with some valued items. We have also used some of the practical suggestions in the article I’m including with this issue. Read and enjoy!