Friendsview Coronavirus Updated Precautions 3/22/20

Dear Friendsview Community,

The Department of Human Services has recommended Friendsview post signs at our entry as one of our team members and a resident have been tested for COVID-19 based on the recommendation of their health care providers.

The team member is quarantined at their home and is doing well, and the resident is stable, in isolation and in very good hands. As we wait for these results, we continue to strongly recommend you monitor yourselves closely for fever, cough and shortness of breath and contact your health care provider if you have any symptoms or concerns.

We continue to urge extra diligent precautions of cleaning your hands often, avoiding close contact with others, staying home if you are sick and cleaning and disinfecting your space frequently. Please do not let down your guard as this drives the seriousness of the situation home.

We will keep you informed and provide additional guidance as test results become available.


Kathy Watson, Health Services Director