An Introduction to “Your Future in View”

by Bonnie Sloat, editor

Friendsview regularly seeks ways to offer support and resources for its intent list applicants — namely you! Through this new communication, Frank Engle, director of marketing, asked if I would be willing to answer some of the questions you might be asking and the concerns you might be experiencing as you look toward a move. Not long ago, my husband, Dale, and I faced many of the decisions you now consider for your own future. And there is much to consider! We are here to help.

As Dale and I begin our third year at Friendsview I find myself reflecting on what drew us to Friendsview and motivated us to move forward once our name reached the top of the intent list. Some of you applicants are in the throes of that decision. For some, Friendsview is one of several options. And others are simply too young but want to be responsible in planning for their future!

Since this is the launch of “Your Future in View” I want to introduce myself. Dale and I currently live in Cherry Street Village, front and center to all the exciting (and sometimes noisy) construction taking place at Phase 1 of University Village. I will be the one interacting with you here, though Dale will jump in from time to time. We’ll get better acquainted as I share thoughts and articles I find helpful. I will occasionally ask other Friendsview residents to offer ideas and experiences as well. No doubt you have thoughts and questions. Please send them to me and I will do my best, with the help of other residents, to pass them along here.

In this first “Your Future in View” I want to share an article titled “Retiring to a College Town.” I just finished auditing my first class at George Fox University. Talk about stimulating — I absolutely loved it! And of course being around young folks is a treat all in itself. We never want to stop stimulating our brains and learning new things. Auditing this class made a believer out of me, and it was one reason we chose Friendsview!

Check out the Winter 2016 issue of The View (pages 4-5) to see a list of benefits Friendsview residents, especially those on our main campus, enjoy.