Local and State COVID-19 Updates

We are pleased to report that Friendsview remains virus free as the county tentatively reopens. However, Oregon, along with other states, is seeing record increases in new COVID-19 cases. New outbreaks have been primarily related to businesses, churches and family gatherings–so Friendsview remains on alert.

Effective July 1st, Governor Brown announced that face coverings will be required in every Oregon county for all indoor public spaces. This new guidance applies to both businesses and visitors when in indoor public spaces. Friendsview prepared for this transition many weeks ago and has required face masks consistently of staff and residents.

The state has also been working on how to implement the new COVID-19 testing requirement; to have all Long Term Care Facilities (Nursing Homes, Assisted Living and Residential Care) staff and residents tested by September 30, 2020.  They indicated that staff will be required to be tested as a condition of employment and that residents will be offered the test. Friendsview will have more information on this in the coming weeks as details get worked out.

What About Gatherings?

As summer heats up many are eager to reconnect in person with friends and family. Neighborhoods and Friendsview groups continue to come forward to propose their own plans for resuming gatherings. This process involves residents working closely with staff to develop clear guidelines and environments to keep everyone safe and limit risk. Neighborhoods with effective plans currently include University Village, SOVON and Meadow Way. Additional proposals are currently under consideration. Proposals and group contact information is being kept on hand in the event that a COVID-19 case or outbreak occurs and gatherings need to be placed on hold.

Tents have been set up in the parking at the front entrance—for limited safe, group gatherings. There are guidelines posted at the tables in the tents. We have removed seating from the main entrance and are asking gatherings to take place in the tents instead.

Tent Guidelines Include the Following:

  1. Wear a mask over your mouth and nose.
  2. All visitors must be screened and wear a mask.
  3. Do not visit if anyone has been ill.
  4. Maintain 6’ social distance.
  5. Only 4 people per tent.
  6. Do not reposition furniture.
  7. Sanitize furniture with spray provided at each table when done with space.

This year, the world has experienced so much change and unexpected events. It’s a little easier to forget right now that there is still beauty in the world. But the truth is the world is full of beauty.  All it takes is for residents to meander through our amazing gardens or take a stroll through Hess Creek Canyon to see that even when the world is chaotic, life continues to bloom.  Even during a pandemic relationships at Friendsview also continue to bloom. We are not letting physical distancing stop us from engaging and connecting.  You can do the same—even from a distance. You can encourage family members and staff at Friendsview by sending them a Care Card through our website.  It’s easy too! Simply, fill out the form at Care Cards—and a card will be delivered right to them.  We guarantee your words of encouragement will help a resident or staff person remember that the world is still beautiful.