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A thumbnail of a testimonial video of Elise

In snowy, cold Jackson Hole, Wyoming, my house was becoming more than I wanted to take care of. Inasmuch as I have only a brother to be my “stand-in” if I could no longer handle my business affairs,

I determined that his duties should be VERY light. AND I wanted to travel. I needed to sell my house, make arrangements for a stable financial future, tuck myself safely into a continuing care retirement community, and then enjoy God’s wonderful natural world. I wanted to live in Oregon.

On the internet I found five or six retirement communities from Portland to southern Oregon. I visited them, but nothing was a good fit for me. Back to the internet. That time I discovered Friendsview! The information impressed me. I made a trip to Newberg and Frank Engle patiently answered my myriad questions. The tour with Sally Woodyard gave me the feeling I’d found my place: a warm, inviting community — quiet, yet offering supportive living and Christian service. I enjoyed the simplicity and low-key atmosphere with no fancy-to-impress airs. The lovely Meadow Way creekfront area appealed to me. I returned home and sent in an application for the intent list.

When I had a firm offer on my house, I contacted Frank. With no openings in Meadow Way, we settled on another residence. Close to my moving date, Frank alerted me that unexpectedly there was a creekfront home available in Meadow Way — a “God Sighting,” as we said at my Jackson Hole church.

It was good to move while I could still make my own decisions, rather than wait until later. It feels good to know my family won’t have to worry about me, something I see as unfair to them. I couldn’t have found better neighbors to help me become involved in the Friendsview community. And I have time for travels abroad I’ve always wanted.

A still photo of the video testimonial of Howard and Margie

More quickly than we imagined, we moved to Friendsview Retirement Community just a year ago. Margie and I had been planning for it and had our names on the intent list, but suddenly we were here.

And we’re glad. Friendsview had just opened when we were students at George Fox College, and we’ve admired its growth and development. (Actually, Margie lived at “the Manor” with her grandmother for a few weeks while she waited for her dorm, Edwards Hall, to be completed.) Friendsview itself includes a wonderful variety of folk and activities. As Newberg residents and teachers at George Fox University, we’ve also appreciated Friendsview’s engagement with the town and the university. We wanted to share in that, hoping that many of our lifelong friends might in due time become neighbors.

My parents, Mahlon and Hazel Macy, lived at Friendsview until their passing a year ago. We were grateful for how their careful planning eased the family responsibilities for us as children, and we hope to help our children in a similar way. We also give thanks for how well Friendsview personnel cared for our folks as their needs changed. Seeing the staff’s commitment to excellent service is reassuring.

Friendsview’s Residency Planning department smoothed the way for our move, coordinating with just the right Friendsview staff to work out the details and smooth over the bumps. We’re still getting acquainted with residents and with all the opportunities and services Friendsview has to offer. But we’re enjoying the transition and looking forward to being a part of this community for a long time to come.

Howard and Margi
A still of a video testimonial of Donna

Several years ago, I helped my sisters move, and in the process, I fell and ended up with a serious injury. I asked myself, “What if something like that happened when I was alone in my three-bedroom home with no one around to find me?” That was when I realized I needed to think about the future.

I didn’t want to leave my house here in Newberg, where I had lived for many years, but even so, I toured a few retirement communities. Somehow, I knew they weren’t a good fit for me. I had, however, visited Friendsview to take tours and attend an Open House. Each time I stepped inside the front door, the place felt alive. People seemed younger. They were friendly, up and about, doing things. Different than at the other retirement communities.

The idea of long-term health care appealed to me, and I liked the idea of not needing to cook anymore. Friendsview’s Residency Planning department put no pressure on me to sign up, but their positive encouragement eventually sold me on the idea of choosing Friendsview. Now my family no longer needs to worry about me.

I’m happy that the administration often reminds us residents, “This is your home.” We do have lots of say in the decisions, because of our active residents’ council and association. It’s all very transparent, so we know what’s going on. Also, I’m really impressed with the housekeeping and landscaping services. It’s nice to leave that work to others.

Even with lots of new friends here, I still continue to enjoy my long-standing friendships in the Newberg community.


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