COVID-19 Updates

UPDATED 3/8/2022

Dear Friendsview Community,

Great news–Friendsview has been notified that the recent executive order for the main building has been lifted. All communal spaces including the computer lab and beauty shop are open and accessible to all Friendsview residents.

Visitation to the main building is open again. All visitors must screen at the main entrance, wear a mask at all times in the main building, and go directly to their destination.

It has been a hard couple months with limited visitation to those in the main building and activities and gatherings being put on hold. Thank you to all for the continued encouragement from residents, staff and community members. Friendsview is doing everything in our power to reduce the potential of another executive order.

Please notify Friendsview at (503) 538-3144 if you have symptoms of COVID-19, have been in close contact with a confirmed or suspected case, or of you test positive. A staff member will be in contact to review guidance and will gladly help arrange additional services during any quarantine that may be required.

For any questions or to learn more, please reach us at:

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