Health Care Services (Frequently Asked Questions)

Friendsview, a Life Plan Community—also known as a continuing care retirement community (CCRC)—operates under the State of Oregon Residential Care Facility (RCF) license, continuing our original commitment to provide the highest quality health care services.

A significant advantage of moving to Friendsview is the availability of long-term and temporary health care on our Fulton Street campus. This allows a resident to age-in-place within our three distinct levels of health care under our RCF license. We are not a hospital, and we do not employ a doctor. Several local doctors, however, visit their patients in our health care center as needed.

Three areas within Friendsview provide long-term or temporary care with consideration for not only health, but also for social, spiritual and recreational needs. Professional staff and consultants, composed of registered nurses, therapists, spiritual care volunteers, a recreational therapist, a social services coordinator and a dietician work together to meet the health needs of our residents.

Residential Care

These assisted-living, private apartments provide easy access to all of Friendsview’s amenities. The health care team gives personalized services to fit each resident’s needs. These services include 24-hour medical emergency response, 24-hour nursing consultation and/or assessment, housekeeping, medication assistance and help with bathing, dressing, hygiene and grooming, as well as a choice of dining rooms and a variety of planned activities.

Memory Care

Trained staff offer services specifically designed for those with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Services include housekeeping, 24-hour nursing care, daily assistance with hygiene and grooming, private dining room, eating assistance if necessary, special activities and up to one-person assist with transfers. Residents occupy private and semi-private apartments with access to a secured common outside space.

Charles Beals Health Care Center

Residents who need full-time or temporary care receive the following: 24-hour nursing care, housekeeping, daily assistance with hygiene and grooming, access to planned activities and special events, common dining room, eating assistance if needed, 2+ person assist with transfers, skilled therapies coordinated through a home health provider and tube feeding with advanced coordination. Residents are eligible for 15 complimentary days in the health care center per occurrence of illness, plus cost of meals. We do not provide intravenous therapies.

Frequently Asked Questions About Friendsview’s Health Care Services:

How does a move to a different level of care affect my monthly fee?

Since Friendsview is a Type-A retirement community, your monthly fees can remain relatively stable, depending on your room selection, as you move through the continuum. Friendsview does experience annual fee adjustments related to operating costs and inflation.

Does Friendsview participate in Medicare or Medicaid for long-term health care as spelled out above?

Friendsview, a private-pay CCRC, does not bill Medicare or Medicaid for services. Home health or hospice services provided by outside agencies may, however, bill Medicare. Residents who outlive their resources can also apply for resident assistance funds.

What Friendsview health care services are available to residents in independent-living apartments (Manor, Creekside, Gardenside)?

All residents are eligible for ten free nurse consultations per year by phone or appointment in the health center. Access to 24-hour emergency response is available by calling our health center or pulling your emergency cord.

What Friendsview health care services are available to residents in independent-living duplexes, fourplexes and houses (Meadow Way, Cherry Street Village, Spaulding Oaks, Springbrook Meadows)?

All residents are eligible for ten free consultations per year with our nurses by phone or appointment at the health center.

What if sometime I need skilled nursing care?

Friendsview staff does not offer skilled nursing care. Newberg Providence Home Health, however, leases space adjacent to our Charles Beals Health Care Center to provide skilled services, such as physical, occupational and speech therapies. Residents can also use their Medicare Skilled benefits at local skilled nursing facilities in Newberg before returning home to Friendsview. Friendsview staff will help you get the most from your Friendsview and Medicare benefits.

Can a person move from outside Friendsview directly into one of our health care areas?

Friendsview offers a direct admission program when there is space available. In such cases we do not require an entrance fee, but we charge a substantially higher monthly fee.

Who decides when it is time for me to move to a different level of care?

A team that includes you, your family, your doctor, Friendsview health care managers and Friendsview social worker.

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