Moving to Friendsview came about suddenly on July 16, 2012. My wife, Pat, and I knew about Friendsview previously, because our two daughters graduated from George Fox University in 1976 and 1983. We had no thought of ever living at Friendsview, saying to ourselves, “That’s for old people.”

Through the years we both taught school in Midland, Texas, and Monmouth, Oregon. I retired in 1995. Then Pat died in 2005, and I continued to live in our Sherwood, Oregon, home by myself.

One day last year, 2012, my daughters and I met with my financial advisor. He mentioned that his parents live at Friendsview and his grandparents had lived there for many years, as well. Also, some of his wife’s relatives have been residents at Friendsview. That set off a discussion between my daughters about me moving to Friendsview. They didn’t say anything about it to me, though, because they thought I would want to stay in my Sherwood home. When they finally mentioned it, I surprised them by saying, “Well, if you think that’s a good idea, I’m willing.”

So, we made an appointment with the Friendsview marketing department to talk about the possibility. We discovered there was a suitable apartment available, and almost before I knew it, I moved.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my months here. Someone asked me recently if Friendsview fulfills my hopes and ideas for retirement living. I replied, “Yes, very much.” The accommodations fit me fine, just the right size. It’s great and I’m gratified to be here. Residents at Friendsview have been very friendly and gracious to me. I’m blessed to live among a loving and Christian community.

—Carroll D.

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