Several years ago I helped my sisters move, and in the process I fell and ended up with a serious injury. I asked myself, “What if something like that happened when I was alone in my three-bedroom home with no one around to find me?” That was when I realized I needed to think about the future.

I didn’t want to leave my house here in Newberg, where I had lived for many years, but even so, I toured a few retirement communities. Somehow, I knew they weren’t a good fit for me. I had, however, visited Friendsview to take tours and for an open house. Each time I stepped inside the front door, the place felt alive. People seemed younger. They were friendly, up and about, doing things. Different than the other retirement communities.

The idea of long-term health care appealed to me, and I liked the idea of not needing to cook anymore. Friendsview’s marketing department put no pressure on me to sign up, but their positive encouragement eventually sold me on the idea of choosing Friendsview. Now my family no longer needs to worry about me.

I am happy that the administration often reminds us residents, “This is your home.” We do have lots of say in the decisions, because of our active residents’ council and association. It’s all very transparent, so we know what’s going on. Also, I’m really impressed with the housekeeping and landscaping services. It’s nice to leave that work to others.

Even with lots of new friends here, I still continue to enjoy my long-standing friendships in the Newberg community.

—Donna R.

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