In snowy, cold Jackson Hole, Wyoming, my house was becoming more than I wanted to take care of. Inasmuch as I have only a brother to be my “stand-in” if I could no longer handle my business affairs, I determined that his duties should be VERY light. AND I wanted to travel. I needed to sell my house, make arrangements for a stable financial future, tuck myself safely into a continuing care community and then enjoy God’s wonderful natural world. I wanted to live in Oregon.


On the internet I found five or six retirement communities from Portland to southern Oregon. I visited them, but nothing was a good fit for me. Back to the internet. That time I discovered Friendsview! The information impressed me. I made a trip to Newberg and Frank Engle patiently answered my myriad of questions. The tour with Sally Woodyard gave me the feeling I’d found my place: a warm, inviting community — quiet, yet offering supportive living and Christian service. I enjoyed the simplicity and low key atmosphere with no fancy-to-impress airs. The lovely Meadow Way, creek front area appealed to me. I returned home, and sent an application for the intent list.

When I had a firm offer on my house, I contacted Frank. With no openings in Meadow Way, we settled on another residence. Close to my moving date, Frank alerted me that unexpectedly there was a creek front home available in Meadow Way — a “God Sighting,” as we said at my Jackson Hole church.

It was good to move while I could still make my own decisions, rather than wait until later. It feels good to know my family won’t have to worry about me, something I see as unfair to them. I couldn’t have found better neighbors to help me become involved in the Friendsview community. And I have time for the travels abroad I’ve always wanted.

—Elise P.

To learn more about Friendsview or to make an appointment, please call 503-538-3144 or email information@friendsview.org.


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