Howard & Margie


More quickly than we imagined, we moved to Friendsview Retirement Community just a year ago. Margi and I had been planning toward it and had our names on the intent list, but suddenly we were here. And we’re glad.

Friendsview had just opened when we were students at George Fox College, and we have admired its growth and development. (Actually, Margi lived at “the Manor” with her grandmother for a few weeks while she waited for her dorm, Edwards Hall, to be completed.) FRC in itself includes a wonderful variety of folk and activities. As Newberg residents and teachers at George Fox University, we have also appreciated Friendsview’s engagement with the town and the university. We wanted to share in that, hoping that many of our life-long friends might in due time become near neighbors.

My parents, Mahlon and Hazel Macy, lived at Friendsview until their passing a year ago. We were grateful for how their careful planning eased the family responsibilities for us as children, and we have hoped to help our children in a similar way. We also give thanks for how well Friendsview personnel cared for our folks as their needs changed. Seeing the staff’s commitment to excellent service is reassuring.

Friendsview’s marketing department smoothed the way for our move, coordinating with just the right FRC staff to work out the details and smooth over the bumps. We’re still getting acquainted with FRC residents and with all the opportunities and services Friendsview has to offer. But we’re enjoying the transition and looking forward to being a part of this community for a long time to come.

—Howard and Margi

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