Jim & Jenene


We love everything about Friendsview and here are some of the reasons:

  1. Everyone is friendly, caring and warm.
  2. There are no gutters to clean, no required yard work and no roof repair.
  3. Office personnel provides many services that include selling stamps, mailing small packages, receiving pharmacy orders delivered to residents and holding mail too large for our mail boxes.
  4. It’s a short 20-minute walk to downtown with lots of beauty to see along the way. The exercise is good for us.
  5. The fitness center is much better equipped than we could hope to have in a home we owned. Also, we would not have room for pool tables AND ping pong tables, all available here 24/7.
  6. The wood-working shop is well-equipped. A craft room is available, music and reading groups, also, with many neighbors inviting us to join them.
  7. Sherry Oakley, director of resident services, organizes great bus trips each month.
  8. The library is large and well-stocked.
  9. We will use the Friendsview bus if sometime we don’t want to drive or walk to shop or to appointments.
  10. The variety and quality of the meals impress us. We chose a meal plan that allows us to pick which meals we want to eat in the dining room. Jenene doesn’t have to cook if she doesn’t want to and others do the dishes.
  11. When we told the doctor we had moved to Friendsview, he said, “They take such good care of you, you will live forever.”
  12. We frequently leave for days at a time, just walking out the door, knowing that our home is safe

—Jim & Jenene

To learn more about Friendsview or to make an appointment, please call 503-538-3144 or email information@friendsview.org.


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