From your editor, Bonnie Sloat…

Days have lengthened and the painted colors on our Friendsview landscape is a welcome sight! Resident gardeners dig in the dirt at the Friendsview Gardens, and folks are again walking on the George Fox University track – always a safe place to walk.

Our much-anticipated neighbors at University Village are now settled in their new lodging. Now that spring has sprung and moving boxes are flattened and recycled, new residents eagerly explore our campus, George Fox, and the Newberg community. The almost eerie quiet with no construction noise or moving trucks still surprises us. May I share a personal highlight? It was meeting and welcoming our new University Village residents! I told Frank it was like “dessert” for me.

One new resident introduced me to the Exerstrider fitness trekking poles. I confess I don’t love exercising, but these are fun! I even look forward to walking now that it doesn’t hurt my knees and hips. Better still, chatting while walking with a friend makes time and steps fly. I’m discovering (as you no doubt already know) that walking really is one of the best medicines for whatever else ails you!

I found the following article so enjoyable I requested permission to share it with you.