Photo by Resident John Welander

Planning today that lasts a lifetime

We believe in smart planning. By being intentional today and making the right choices, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your future is secure.

As the only Not For Profit Type-A Life Plan community in Oregon, our Life Care agreement is at the center of our approach to senior living. With Life Care, the cost of living at Friendsview and any associated care you might need remains predictable.

Residents pay an entry fee to move into independent living, along with a standard monthly service fee that covers things like meals, utilities, and a wide range of important and useful services. If and when that resident is in need of higher levels of care, whether that’s a month later or 15 years later, they enjoy significant savings rather than the much higher market rate for enhanced living, nursing care, or memory care. Whether the higher care is temporary or long term, residents don’t have to worry about the future cost of their care because it remains predictable.

Reach out to our experts in Residency Planning to develop your plan that lasts a lifetime.

Seeing Life Care as a financial asset

A Life Care contract like ours at Friendsview is about more than just covering your healthcare and housing needs—it’s a great way to protect your financial assets for the long run. Learn more in our free booklet.