Secure Your Future Now

By getting on our intent list (also called a waitlist), you can reserve your spot at our welcoming Life Plan Community in Newberg, Oregon. It’s a great way to bring peace of mind today while securing your tomorrow.

Becoming a part of Friendsview starts with completing an intent list application, then working closely with residency planning staff when openings occur and you’re ready to seriously consider a move.

Request the Friendsview Intent List application.

Friendsview Application Process

How Our Intent List Works

Prospective residents submit an Intent List Application that lists their preferred residence(s). When openings occur, residents on transfer lists are contacted first, followed by intent list applicants with the earliest application date. Intent list applicants may decline openings and retain their place on the list, including instructions to not call until a specified date.

Once an applicant is contacted and is interested in an available residence, they make a $5,000 earnest money payment (applied toward the entrance fee) and submit medical and financial application materials. Upon approval of the medical and financial state of the applicant by the review committee, a letter of approval is issued. Friendsview’s minimum age requirement is 62.

Within 45 days, an appointment is scheduled to care for the following:

  • Signing residency agreement
  • Paying entrance fee balance
  • Receiving keys and other items included with their neighborhood amenities

Depending on the residence, applicants may choose interior finishes, which may include carpeting, vinyl and laminates. Upgrades are available for additional fees.

Discover why you should join an intent list for a senior living community.

After You Move

Our facility services team offers four hours of free assistance within the first month of residency to help with any move-in needs, such as hanging pictures, moving furniture, and programming your TV. Team members from our community life department are available to meet with you to answer questions and help you learn about purposeful opportunities that might tap into your passion at Friendsview and in the Newberg community. New resident orientations are also held to provide a helpful overview of services available.