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Mental Health and Seniors

According to the Pan American Health Organization people aged 85 and older have the highest suicide rate of any age group. This statistic may shock many Oregonians, but it doesn’t… Read More

Ken and Sue Pruitt

Your House is a Declining Asset: Why Older Adults Should Consider Selling Now

Traditionally, a house is viewed as an asset. But is it? CBS MoneyWatch writers explain it best here: “The house itself, the physical structure that you built or bought, is… Read More

Friendsview resident smelling flowers

Your Nose Knows: Smell Loss and Brain Health

It can be surprising to learn that our sense of smell is linked to brain health. One in two people over age 60 may be living with smell loss, but… Read More

Just People

The best part about living in this retirement community is the people. Early on I discovered that there are no old people here at Friendsview. There are just people. People… Read More

Friendsview residents enjoying time outside

The Stigma of Senior Living

Has the stigma of senior living kept you from planning for the future or seeking the care you may need? If so, you’re not alone. Studies and polls show that… Read More

Friendsview resident at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore

My Kids Don’t Want My Stuff: Downsizing for Senior Living

Some call it right-sizing, others call it down-sizing, but at least one person calls it, “one of the most daunting, challenging, and important things we will do in our later… Read More

Two Generations Connect

by Sherry Macy Friendsview’s close proximity to a major university offers residents multiple opportunities for intergenerational connections. Audit a class, build team spirit and cheer for the Bruins, worship at… Read More

Why Friendsview? Why Now?

by Marj KaiserFriendsview “Founder” Jeff and I had both reached our mid-fifties when we moved to Oregon in 2008. He had already retired, but I continued to work. The “12… Read More