Photo by Resident John Welander

Community in every sense of the word

We are inspired by our Quaker heritage and values that welcome all. We are challenged by one another to always be growing, and to both learn from and give back to those around us. We value each day, and enjoy living in a place where people are engaged in life and making our community—both here at Friendsview and the larger community—a better place to live.

It’s been wonderful to be here 20 years and to look at my neighbors and say these are my friends, and to know we are here for each other.

Darlene Zickefoose

Resident leadership

Explore how residents are shaping both the current and future direction for Friendsview.

The beautiful Willamette Valley

This region is the perfect place to call home.

Friendsview resident gardening

Seeing Life Care as a financial asset

A Life Care contract like ours at Friendsview is about more than just covering your healthcare and housing needs—it’s a great way to protect your financial assets for the long run. Learn more in our free booklet.