Grand Opening Brunch | Oct. 19-20, 10:30 am

Join us for a chef-prepared brunch, a tour of Sutton Terrace, and experience firsthand how you can embark on an expansion of your very own at Friendsview.

Photo by Resident John Welander

Enhanced Living

The right help, at just the right time

Everyone needs a little extra assistance now and then. With Creekside Enhanced Living, available to Friendsview independent living residents with a Life Care agreement, you’ll receive just the right amount of support with one or a few activities of daily living as needed. Think of it as “light assisted living.”

You may want to schedule help with something like medication management or personal care. Perhaps it’s housekeeping or transportation for doctors’ appointments. Whatever you need, our supportive team is here to lend a helping hand so you can continue to enjoy the life you love.

Residential Care Center

The ideal day-to-day level of support can make all the difference—and you’ll find it right here in our Residential Care neighborhood. Through a person-centered team approach, our highly experienced caregivers provide assistance with many activities of daily living. Whether it’s 24-hour support with things like medication management, dressing, personal care, transportation, or transfer and mobility assistance, we’re here to make each day easier and enhance independence. In a cozy apartment surrounded by your own belongings, our dedicated team really gets to know you and your family to create a personalized experience that supports your specific needs.

Photo by Resident John Welander

Nursing Care at Charles Beals Health Center

Whether you or your loved one need ongoing care following surgery, illness, or during injury recovery, we offer the finest 24-hour person-directed care for both short- and long-term needs. The Charles Beals Health Center provides a wide range of supportive and enhanced services in a residential setting, with a dedicated Therapeutic Recreation Coordinator, a gorgeous dining room, and two lounge areas. You can often listen to a volunteer playing the piano located in the center of it all, or visit the enclosed garden space with family and friends. This impressive Center will soon be heavily renovated to further improve our accommodations and services for the Friendsview community.

Photo by Resident John Welander

Flexibility is key

While Friendsview does not participate in Medicare, we offer outpatient services through Medicare Part B, and your individual insurance can be available through a provider of your choice, both on campus and off campus in the Newberg area with scheduled transportation available.