Lunch and Learn
August 13-14, 11:30 am

Living at Friendsview senior living community has its perks. Lots of them. Join us for lunch and learn all about them.

Resident leadership

Thanks to our Quaker roots at Friendsview, we take resident leadership a step further. With dozens of resident-led interest groups, participants are key in guiding our mission and life at Friendsview. Through groups such as the Special Events Committee, Art on the Walls, Health and Safety for Independent Living, and so many other groups, our resident leaders are actively shaping both the current and future direction of Friendsview. These leaders work to achieve consensus wherever possible. And this partnership is absolutely critical to creating an environment of creativity, dignity, faith, equality, and lives filled with meaning and purpose. 

I had no idea about all of the committees or interest groups that existed here at Friendsview, so that has been a real added plus for me to be able to enjoy those.

Darlene Zickefoose

Leadership opportunities

  • Resident Council. With representatives from each neighborhood on the council, any resident can bring forth suggestions that are thoughtfully considered and discussed.
  • Interest groups. With dozens of groups to choose from, any member of the community can chair an interest group and lead through excellent programming, enacting change, or simply engaging with other residents. If there isn’t already a group for your particular interest, we encourage you to start one!
  • Friendsview Board. The Friendsview Board has resident representatives. As the board makes strategic decisions, representatives are the voice of residents in guiding the community into the future.
  • Volunteering in the greater community. Many residents are involved in local businesses and not-for-profits within Newberg and the Willamette Valley. Whether it involves protecting historical sites, joining city committees, or organizing county events, these leaders have a great impact in Newberg and beyond.