A Short Employee Spotlight

When rain and light snow began to fall on February 12, no one expected that it would lead to hundreds of thousands of people losing power for multiple days, or that some towns like Oregon City would declare a state-of-emergency. Come Valentine’s Day many were snowed and iced in without heat or water. Trees, weighted down with ice quickly collapsed, closing roads and preventing some staff from coming into work. For two Friendsview team members this made for an interesting weekend.

On Saturday, February 13 Antonio Guadarrama (16 years old) and Mason Turpen (18) braved the icy roads, showing the entire community what it looks like to step up and care for the physical safety of residents and other employees. One walked to work in near freezing temperatures while the other drove. “They didn’t hesitate for one second,” said Tim Towers, Facility Services Director. “They coordinated clearing the ice and so much more. It was really impressive. You can tell by the way they talk that the residents are their first priority.”

For Mason, the residents are also one of his favorite parts about working at Friendsview. “I like being able to serve the residents and being in their everyday life.”  Antonio agreed and stated that he loves, “Seeing them happy after I complete a task for them.”

It’s not just during stormy weather that Antonio and Mason have served our community. Each began their journey at Friendsview in Dining Services. Tim recognized the potential for both to add to the maintenance team and offered them new positions in Facilities Services. Antonio admitted, “I really like my team and they are great to work with.” Their new department also enjoys working with them as they’ve played key roles during the pandemic in fulfilling maintenance requests and ensuring the grounds meet COVID-19 restrictions.

We all want to say a big “thank you” to Mason and Antonio for keeping us safe and upholding one of our seven main values: service. As stated in our Mission and Values, “Friendsview is committed to serving the needs of our members, enhancing their self-reliance and wellness, and to providing opportunities for meaningful contribution. As each member shares their gifts, they strengthen the community, finding joy in serving others.”

Well done Mason, Antonio, and other Friendsview staff who went above the call of duty by braving slippery sidewalks and icy roads to serve our community this winter!


Nikki Deckon has been on staff at Friendsview since 2018 in various roles and in long term care for several years. Before working with seniors, she wrote/produced hundreds of talk radio programs and vignettes; was published in a couple of editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul and other print publications including The Oregonian, Kids NW, The Sun and more. After twenty years of marriage she feels that she’s still in the “honeymoon” phase and is enjoying raising her teenage boys in Newberg, a mere two miles from Friendsview.