Lunch and Learn
August 13-14, 11:30 am

Living at Friendsview senior living community has its perks. Lots of them. Join us for lunch and learn all about them.

Celebrating Alice Cooper

After many different positions and 30 years, we are sad to see our Health Services Administrative Coordinator, Alice retire, but we are very grateful to have spent many years of laughter and happiness with her. Read her letter to residents and staff!

Dear Friendsview Residents and Staff,

The best thing I ever did was to walk through the front door of Friendsview in November of 1990. At that time, I was looking for work, had answered some ads, submitted resume’s and had also gone to another care home in the area to which I had taken 7 steps in and 7 steps out, because it just didn’t feel right. I didn’t realize it at that particular time, but I was being guided out of that facility by a force stronger than anyone or anything. Being a single parent at the time I was desperately seeking a job; had gotten in my car and said “Oh, God, what am I going to do?” I crossed Highway 99 on to Villa, turned left on to Fulton and there on my right was Friendsview Manor, I thought, “Sure why not give this place a shot.” I walked in the front door and asked for an application to fill out, I wasn’t answering an ad or anything but had been led to Friendsview by a higher power.

My application went to the food service department and I started there doing the deep cleaning. At that time the starting wage was $5.50 and I thought, “Okay, I can clean an oven and do other deep cleaning for $5.50 an hour if that’s what they want me to do.” After that if someone called in to work, I would fill their position and did just about every job in the food service department. Then the person who was the dishwasher quit and I did that for a while, after some time the person that made the salads and did all the vegetable prep for the cooks moved to Arizona so then I filled that position.

Back then the population at Friendsview was around a total of 235 residents, and the staffing in Food Service was very slim compared to what it is now. In the summer of 1998, there was an internal job posting for medical records in the health center and again I was led by a higher power to apply for that position. I applied and was accepted to do the job.

Over the years the position has evolved in to what it is today with many opportunities to serve Friendsview residents. I have very fond memories of residents and staff, sweet memories that I will always treasure. I have also seen many changes here at Friendsview in the last 30 years and can honestly say that they have been improvement over improvement. The current Senior Management Team and Health Services Team, as well as staff in every department, that I have the pleasure of working with is awesome, and in my personal opinion their dedication to Friendsview residents and staff is of superb excellence. And now after 30 years I am again led by a higher power to retire. I have enjoyed my tenure at Friendsview and the opportunity to serve.

I love you all! ♥

Alice V. Cooper

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28