Friendsview Adopts “Life Plan Community” Designation

External photo of the entrance of Friendsview

Monday, June 6, 2016

LeadingAge, a national organization of not-for-profit senior living communities, has developed a new name as an alternative to places that call themselves Continuing Care Retirement Communities, or CRCCs. Friendsview, a member of LeadingAge, will be adopting this change, gradually becoming known as a Life Plan Community.

We affirm the new name choice! It draws attention to our community being about life, not just care. And people who move to communities like ours tend to be planners, people who like to know they’ve made the decisions they need to make to ensure they have a solid plan in place for their future. Too often we’ve heard, “Oh, I don’t need that yet,” because the former designation gives folks the misleading impression that we were all about “care.” While care is an important aspect of what Friendsview offers, we embrace the holistic viewpoint that moving to Friendsview is all about getting the most out of life.

Friendsview’s close proximity to a vibrant Christian university offers residents many benefits. People who move to Friendsview before they reach the “care” stage can spend 20 or more years of fulfilling life that includes concerts, sports, education, and connections with the younger generations.

Life Plan Communities have changed drastically from the retirement communities of 30 or more years ago. Consider our large residential homes with upgraded appliances and all the amenities found in new homes today; add our fitness and wellness programs, fine dining, creative enrichment programs, socializing opportunities, and much more. Possibly best of all, you can leave the home maintenance, housekeeping and yardwork to us!

New residents often say, “I wish I’d moved here sooner.” I think this new name will help more people understand just how beneficial moving to a community like Friendsview is, and help them decide to move earlier, maximizing their opportunities to enjoy all our Life Plan Community offers.

LeadingAge Shares the Inside Story Behind the Name Change

“Life Plan Community” tested positively with current and future residents, who feel it centers on them and their needs and is easier to remember. The name allows for a conversation that’s expansive and aspirational. It helps potential residents recognize the advantage of not waiting too long to move to a community.

Life shows that our communities are about so much more than care. They’re about living life to the fullest.

Plan captures the unique advantages that communities offer through advanced wellness and care services.

Life Plan Community allows “planning” and “living” to merge and focuses on a primary category benefit of having a plan in place, giving freedom to enjoy all that life offers.