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August 13-14, 11:30 am

Living at Friendsview senior living community has its perks. Lots of them. Join us for lunch and learn all about them.

Perks of Retiring in Newberg, Oregon

Senior couple enjoying a trail walk in Newberg, OR

What do hot air balloon rides, food trucks, and drive-in theaters have in common? You can find them all in Newberg, Oregon. As the 25th largest city in Oregon, with a diverse population of over 24,000, this vibrant town offers perks for residents of all ages. In this blog we’ll talk about several ways to enjoy Newberg and the surrounding Willamette Valley, no matter your interests.

For the Adventurer at Heart

On any given day from April through October, battalions of hot air balloons fill the crisp morning sky. Newberg is a popular spot to launch these serene giants from the Sportsman Airpark. Companies such as Vista Balloons offer rides, no experience necessary. Imagine the thrill when your pilot ascends to an altitude of a half-mile or dips the bottom of the basket into the Willamette River — an adventure enjoyed recently by a group of Friendsview residents. Why not put ballooning with friends on your bucket list. Retiring to Newberg puts you in the place to make it happen. 

Perhaps you prefer to keep your feet on the ground and experience unique cultural events. Newberg has that covered too. 

Cultural Pass

The Newberg Cultural Pass Program offers free or reduced admission to local attractions such as the Oregon Garden, The Evergreen Space and Aviation Museum, The Portland Japanese Garden and much more. Thanks to the Newberg Early Bird Rotary Club sponsorship, all residents of Newberg and St. Paul can enjoy the Cultural Pass Program for free. 

The Chehalem Cultural Center (CCC) provides even more events perfect for any older adult considering retirement in Newberg. The CCC celebrates the arts, community, education, heritage, and inclusion. Popular art classes range from ceramics to post-modernism canvases to Art-at-Home programs. 

Friendsview enjoys a strong partnership with the CCC, which includes art classes hosted for Friendsview residents. 

As a supporter of local and international culture, the CCC features local artists and sponsors ethnic festivals, programs, and music. These events make it possible to “travel the world,” getting a taste of other cultures right here in Newberg. 

Foodies Love Newberg

Newberg is a culinary paradise, and it often begins with a food truck. Or several. After a day of shopping downtown, stop by the Bite of Newberg, a “premiere food pod,” for an eclectic dining experience. Whether you’re craving Thai, Mediterranean, honey or barbecue dishes, you won’t regret this stop in your tour of the city.  

For a high-end meal check out The Painted Lady, Oregon’s only AAA 4-diamond and Forbes 4-star restaurant. The Painted Lady in Newberg offers a fresh seasonal tasting menu every night that celebrates the products of their local neighbors — Oregon’s world class ranchers, farmers and vintners. 

Other highly rated restaurants that Friendsview residents love include The Allison Inn and Spa, Recipe, and The Newburgundian.  

Faith and More

As one of the first towns in Oregon to host Quaker services, Newberg is familiar with spiritual endeavors. For a day-long or overnight retreat like no other, add a visit to Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey to your to-do list. In addition to the gorgeously lush scenery, the Abbey is locally famed for hand-crafted fruitcake made by the monks. If you’re in the mood for sweets, drive a few minutes to taste the varieties of artisanal chocolates made by the Brigittine Monks. Enjoy a cherry chocolate truffle followed by a moment of silence in their pristine chapel. There are several other retreat centers within driving distance for those hoping to connect with God and spend their day in prayer and devotion. 

The Coast, Mountains or Champoeg

Newberg is one of those special locations where a sight-seer’s dreams come true. With the Pacific Ocean and Mt. Hood fewer than two hours away, some of the world’s most dramatic scenery can be enjoyed just outside of town. From whale watching at Depoe Bay to skiing at the Timberline Lodge, the sight seeing and adventures are easily accessible. Or you can just drive 10 minutes to Champoeg State Heritage Area and learn about the forefathers of Yamhill County while soaking in the gentle sounds and beauty of the Willamette River.  

Indoor Swimming or a Night at the Drive-In

Within walking distance to Friendsview is the Chehalem Aquatic Center. This isn’t your normal public swimming pool. There’s The Lazy River, The Vortex, The Tank, saunas and hot tubs to soak in after a long day of enjoying Newberg. Though some areas are temporarily unavailable due to coronavirus restrictions, we look forward to enjoying the entire center soon. 

Still open and thriving during the pandemic is the 99W Drive-in theater in Newberg. Originally opened in 1953 and owned by the grandson of the man who built it, the theater plays a delightful mixture of golden-era classics and modern favorites. Bring your own popcorn and watch take in a movie all while properly social distancing.  

It’s Never Too Late to Learn Something New

A top benefit to retiring in Newberg — and particularly at Friendsview — are the educational opportunities. A long-standing and rich partnership with neighboring George Fox University ensures that residents of Friendsview never miss out on new learning experiences, college sports, reverse internships and mentoring relationships with students. 

Friendsview also frequently partners with the Newberg campus of the Portland Community College, with programs like the Virtual Therapeutic Horticultural project.   

Continuing education, adrenaline-inducing adventures, quiet retreats reflecting on spiritual truths, exotic foods and cooking—whatever your lifestyle goals are for retirement, we are confident that this sparklingly gem in the Willamette Valley has all the perks you may be looking for in your freedom years. If you’re interested in exploring your senior living options in Newberg, OR, our team would love to chat with you about the community at Friendsview. Connect with us here.